Requesting a lie

As a software developer and the one who believes that people should not work, machines should work for them. I’m trying to automate everything I can in my business.

Our team is now working on our sales process, trying to make it more intelligent, more intelligent means, for me, fewer proposals and more contracts.

And as usual, any machine learning task starts from statistics, so we collected some data from the Internet and found the following top 30 skills people are requesting on freelancer websites from the begging of this year till now.

What do you think is in the first place? Yes, correct, “Content Writing”! Nothing surprising. Do all these requests relate to cases when people have something important to say to humanity but not sure how to do it? I don’t think so. It’s an attempt to describe products or services in a way that forces people to buy them.

Job Request Statistic

It’s much simpler to look like somebody than be somebody. Animals use this strategy very often to protect against enemies or attract partners. But people, as usual, transformed lie into art and call it Marketing:)