What client say about us

  • Haitham


  • This contractor is amazing. The implementation they delivered was very smart and the code was high quality. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to .NET and are generally very friendly and easy to work with. It was a pleasant experience working with them on this project and we are currently preparing a new project for them.

  • Max


  • Highly recommended. Excellent work. Very professional with strong technical prowess. Will definitely use again.

  • Bill


  • Great job by TesserisPro. Excellent follow up for each feedback... They are having very good knowledge in WPF side and also well technically sound.

  • Dan


  • Proposed solution was far superior to those of other proposals that I received. Great communication throughout the project and very responsive to questions and feedback. Addressed all concerns in a timely manner and added extra features where there were gaps in the requirements. Very happy with the effort and the outcome. Would definitely hire this team again!

  • James


  • Great work on a complex job with challenging requirements. Definitely went above and beyond expectations to ensure requirements were met. Communication was excellent.

  • Peter


  • We asked Dmitry Peleshenko to pick up a large MVC4 project at a late stage and implement a JavaScript/Knockoutjs/JSON UI for the administration and end-user systems of our quiz and survey modules. Dmitry was happy to work from outcome oriented specification and to fill the role of a system architect/designer as well as the day-to-day programmer. Together we defined the UI and operational functionality and Dmitry then fully developed the system from there. The final system works exceptionally well, thanks to his skills. I find programmers generally fall into two categories - starters and finishers. Good starters - who do great work while it is fresh and exciting - are relatively easy to find. Good finishers - someone who tracks down the last bug with the same enthusiasm as they first started the project - well, they are harder to find. Dmitry is both an enthusiastic starter and someone dedicated to finishing. I found Dmitry technically knowledgeable, thoroughly professional and honest. We will seek to hire him as part of our ongoing projects. Highly recommended.

  • Eyal Cagn

  • The project task was to convert a simple, one page visual design (mock up) into Responsive HTML and CSS. TesserisPro was able to take my design files (that was in Adobe Fireworks, instead of the usual .PSD) and deliver back a very satisfying results, both the look and feel results, that was similar to the original mock up, and also a very accessible (simple to understand) code in the HTML and CSS Files I'm sure If I need any web oriented solution to be outsourced, I will with no doubt choose them again!

  • Sander


  • TesserisPro was very professional and clear in their communication, they delivered the product for the agreed price while always making sure to ask for clarification on whatever functionality they were working on. If I were to do another project they would be at the top of my list of candidates.