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Why Tesseris Pro?

  • Since 2013, Tesseris Pro is MS Silver Certified Partner (Partner ID: 3458480).
  • Our professionals have experience in development more than 9 years.
  • We have successfully accomplished hundreds of projects in following domains: Finance, Legal sector, Risk management, Healthcare, Public Services, Education and some others.
  • Our team has PhD of Information Technologies and MS Certified Professional Developers on the board.
  • We are ready to work directly via contract or through Upwork with fixed-price or hourly-rate basics.

We are professionals in following

Microsoft Technology Stack

  • microsoft .net
  • asp net mvc
  • microsoft sql server

Microsoft technology stack allows to build scalable cloud solutions, stable and safe desktop applications, powerful web solutions.

Since 2013 Tesseris Pro LLC is MS Silver Certified Partner (Partner ID: 3458480) with Microsoft Certified Professional Developers on the board. Our team has accomplished a lot of projects in a wide range of industries including IT and Internet, Healthcare, Finance and Law firms, Childcare sphere.

Our Microsoft .NET competence covers a wide range of solution types:

  • Enterprise content management software and document management systems
  • Web portals
  • Corporate workflow management systems

MEAN Stack

  • mean jarroba
  • meanstack
  • ninja

MEAN stack web development is an evolving trend for the full stack JavaScript development. MEAN is the acronym of:

  • MongoDB is the no SQL database. It uses JSON style documents for the data representation. The reason of choosing Mongo is that, it lets you make the use of just one language the whole way through. Whether you should select the tool as per your requirement.
  • Express.Js is a HTTP server framework for web applications that gives useful modules and components to work upon the common task for the website. It gives you the simple interface so that you can make request endpoints and cookie handling. Apart from that, it is good at enabling the simple REST routes, handling automated HTTP header and supporting Connect middleware to plug in synchronous functions in order to manage the requests and responses.
  • Angular.Js is a frontend JS framework to develop complex client side applications with modular code and data binding UI. It is used to develop the single page applications with the use of the MVC architecture; and maintained by Google. It improves the structure of the code and makes the testing easier with the dependency injection.
  • Node.Js is a concurrent JavaScript environment for building scalable and fast web applications. It compiles the JavaScript code to native machine code before the execution. It is lightweight and perfect for the real time applications.

We provide either complex MEAN stack development or use its components like Node.Js or Angular.Js in conjunction with other technologies.

Rich Internet Applications

  • html 5 application development
  • html 5 application development, angular, knockout

New HTML5 features of modern browser move web applications development to a new level. Now it is possible to implement very complex applications and run them in browser just with HTML and JavaScript. We offer professional HTML5 application development with modern technologies like Angular.Js, Knockout.Js, Backbone, Require.Js, TypeScript, LESS, jQuery, RxJS and other.

Experienced HTML/JavaScript developers and QAs know how complex JavasScript application can be and how many defects can be missed during development and discovered only on runtime. However, web applications development with modern technologies like TypeScript and LESS allows us to discover the simplest errors during compilation. Such approach decreases number of bugs and development–testing cycles. It allows us to save your money and deliver project earlier.

Scalable Cloud Solutions

windows azure, google app engine

Today we can find a lot of cloud technologies and services on the market. Among them, there are Amazon EC, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Windows Azure. Last two services provide not only virtual machines but also specific environments that can work with minimal administrative effort and maximal safety and availability. We have many years of experience in Google App Engine, Microsoft Windows Azure solutions and recommend them as server side. Our internal services are made with Microsoft Windows Azure and it allows us to save a lot of money on IT administration, maintenance and even on electricity.

Mobile Platforms

  • mobile applications development
  • android mobile applications development
  • windows phone mobile applications development

Mobile devices become more and more popular. Services like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Windows Live and a lot of other have special mobile versions. Sometimes it can be specific native application for mobile devices but sometimes it can be a web site designed for mobile devices. Computing power of mobile devices is growing; mobile browsers are as powerful as desktop ones, and they support all modern standards. It allows building very rich and powerful mobile web applications.

Tesseris Pro LLC offers either native mobile applications development or mobile one. Mobile web applications can be developed with modern HTML/JavaScript technologies. We also offer native mobile applications development for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone.

Research and Innovations

research and innovations

We are permanently working on innovations. We develop OCR systems, new UI technologies and programming languages. We cooperate with leading Ukrainian universities and have own R&D (Research and Development) Department with Microsoft Certified Professional Developers and PhD of Computer Science on-board.

Software Quality Assurance


We work with modern development process and always perform qualitative assurance of software developed in our company. We use automatic, fully automatic and manual testing. We offer QA as a service.